To Tweet or not to Tweet

Once again I enter the fray in hopes of enlightenment only to be turned aside by insufficient expertise.  Oh well nothing ventured, nothing gained I always say.  On several attempts to connect with an event, any event, I fell short of the desired goal.  Not easily deterred I forge ahead with plan B.  Since I could not take part in an event I figure the next best thing is to read the transcript of one of the scheduled events and comment on that .  The event I chose to investigate was the edchat entitled  “Is there an agreed upon common goal in education?”  After reviewing a number of the responses to this question I would say that there is no single agreed upon goal, at least if you consider the variety of answers that were offered in the discussion.  A few that I thought were worth noting were;

RT @willrich45: What about to create “passionate, self-directed learners”? #edchat

@kylepace Hopefully it is to give them the skills to be lifelong learners. #edchat

Goal of education learning how to learn, how to discover and uncover truth. Skills applied to every content for life #edchat

And on and on we go but the discourse is a good thing as long as we don’t get bogged down in the process.  We all have our personal goals and motivations as teachers and as long as the focus is on meeting the needs of the students we are on the right track.

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One Response to To Tweet or not to Tweet

  1. I attempted to make a short-short guide to Twitter chats: I blame the omission of articles on trying to make it short and not on my lack of grammar skills! Ahem…

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