Creative Level Tasks

ED526b – Learning and Assessment in Secondary Math

Unit 6 – assignment 6.2

Robert Stock

     In unit two I created tasks and assignments that were based upon student understanding of the Pythagorean Theorem.  Since in this task utilizations of tasks based on this theorem are not recommended I will re-design tasks based on other topics and attempt to complete this assignment using these new tasks. 

      A basic task for algebra 1 students is to be able to utilize and understand the order of operations. 

An activity for this task might be to have students create a rap jingle and present it to the class as a way to reinforce the concept.  The creation could be an updated version of the popular “Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally”.   Students could add their own interpretations and present their final product as a screen-cast or a live group presentation.  Some other resources for this topic are:

     Another concept that may lend itself to this type of creative activity would be the slope of a line.  Here students need to find ways to represent this idea in a real world application as well as an algebraic one.   They could demonstrate the relative differences between slopes by building a moveable ramp and experiment with this ramp to see how objects move on the ramp when the slope in increased or decreased.  Other activities that could reinforce understanding can be found at the following web sites:

     My third concept that could be presented at the creating level for algebra students would be the real number line.   For this topic students could create different representations of the number line.  These representations could be simple drawings or graphs or they could be real world examples of the number line concept such as numerical scales or measuring devices.  Some web resources that may be useful for this topic are:

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One Response to Creative Level Tasks

  1. Oh, I only meant that students are not to be expected to create something fundamental, famous, and grand – not that their work can’t relate to a particular topic. Sorry!

    The music idea is interesting if math is incorporated into the poem structure or music structure (like “The Fib” –

    The REAL number line activity can be so rich! Number lines crop up anywhere from parking meters to football fields.

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