Edublogs Webinar

ED526b – Learning and Assessment in Secondary Math

Unit 6 – assignment 6.7

Robert Stock

     For this assignment I chose to participate in the discussion at EduBlogs Serendipity ,Thursday 7pm, August 19.    The discussion at this bi-weekly webinar centered on the use of 2.0 web tools and personal learning networks.  There were a number of web resources that were described and demonstrated.  Some of the sites were unfamiliar, others were not.  The bulk of the discussion dealt the merits of using web tools in education.  My contribution to the discussion was the introduction of the wetpaint wiki tool which I had used to create a web quest activity in an earlier technology class.  Other tools that were discussed included Jing, Twitter, Tumblr, Ning, Elluminate, Google, Wikipedia, Skype, and several others.  

     There was also a brief discussion about the creation of personal learning networks.  These networks are really the web tools and internet groups that are of interest to the user.  Social networks and focus groups form the basis of the personal learning network.  These networks are designed by the individual and provide a link to the larger community of educators.  They function as a resource for study and professional development.  Any topic of interest can be investigated and the strength of such a network is the ability to concentrate a wide body of information in an effective and useful fashion.

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