This week’s on-line live event that I chose to attend was eduTecher at Classroom 2.0.

This webinar was held on the Elluminate web site and the featured speaker was Adam Bellow.   Mr. Bellow is the creator of the EduTecher web site.  This site is described by Mr. Bellow as a “repository for web 2.0 links”.  The site contains 1100 links and the links provide a vast array of free tools for educators.  During the course of his discussion Mr. Bellow introduced his audience to several useful web tools that can be found on EduTecher.  Some of the ones highlighted were;,, http://www.Wall.FM,,, and many more.  The site is a very nice tool for editing text or pictures from web sources.  This tool allows you to take any URL and edit the content to suit your particular needs. has some really cool graphics tools that enable the user to create interesting designs and use them in presentations. is a bit like Diigo but with a few more bells and whistles. 

     The presentation really opened my eyes to the amount of cool stuff that is available on the web for free.  I will definitely spend some time exploring the site and I know I will download a bunch of useful web tools.  Adam Bellow is a very interesting and creative guy.  Since launching EduTecher in 2007 he has revised and up-dated the site several times.  The site also contains a tool to add links and there are about 5-7 links added each week.  This amazing resource is a must see for teachers.

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